The Advertising and Marketing Landscape is Rapidly Changing


The Age of The Internet

In the last decade, we have seen the advertising and marketing industry completely transform. Advertising and marketing agencies are traditionally very robust enterprises with massive networks of publications, connections, and creative departments. Big companies depend on these agencies to get them in front of as many eyes as possible in a memorable way that generates sales. Traditionally these channels are in TV, Press, Print and Radio… The more eyes the platform can attract an audience that is relavent to the businesses target consumer, the more expensive and the less accessible the audience is, making agencies the brokers between companies and ATTENTION.

The Internet, however, has completely transformed how attention is earned. Where before massive exposure was only possible through an expesnsive corporate agency, the internet has made it more possible for freelancers and independent publicists to have access to viral audiences. We have seen time and time again how disruptive the internet is, and the affect it has had on the advertising and marketing industry is no different. 

In todays landscape, it is possible for entrepreneurs and small organizations to gain access to strategies, connections, and software that have never been accessible before. 

New Era of Agencies

Valor Media saw this changing landscape 8 years ago when they initially started building websites and selling advertising space to their clients. In the last few years, the Valor Media team has been in the trenches, working to emerge as a new chapter for marketing and advertising agencies that serve today’s small and corporate business owners. 

As Social Media becomes undeniably more powerful in driving sales and attention or businesses, and as online advertising continues to dominate in being able to convert leads into sales… The advertising and marketing world is becoming increasingly digital. 

Think about it, when is the last time you bought a magazine? When is the last time you take a radio commercial seriously? Do you even watch cable anymore? 

A Digital World

The world is changing, it’s a reality where people’s attention continues to shift to an online world. We talked to Michael Valor, Valor Media’s CEO, about this shift,

“Imagine for a second a totally digital world. Imagine digital land and digital air… literally imagine a hologram of the planet. Now, imagine if I told you that the real estate on this world was valuable, because the more real estate you had in this digital world, the more attention you would gain, and therefor the more money you would make. Now, Imagine if I told you that the way you get more real estate is by getting more attention and having more people ‘subscribe’ to your ‘feed’. What would be the most logical thing to do in this world? It would be to find a way to get as much attention as possible so that you can land grab and claim as much real estate as you can. That is precisely what is happening right now. And it is happening wether we agree it’s important or not, companies are spending millions of dollars to capture that attention and get people to subscribe to their channels, claiming thousands and thousands of ‘digital acres’ online.” – Michael Valor

The reality is that most small businesses and entrepreneurs are lost as to how to get the most attention in the best way possible. Small businesses spend thousands of dollars teaming up with freelancers, college grads, or new businesses claiming to have a grip on the best ways to capture attention online.

A Flooded Market

Unfortunately, the influx of demand for a digital presence has created a windfall of individuals claiming they have the solution, when in reality having little to no experience or infrastructure to back up their claims. Then there’s the agencies, charging tremendous retainer fees to corporations and some small businesses that can afford it. Leaving a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs left behind on getting the support they need to be successful building their brands and their digital footprint. 

Michael Valor saw this opportunity early on and got set on creating a solution that modeled the best agencies in the world, while simultaneously gutting the minutia and unnecessary costs; to create a product that was undeniable effective and affordable for the everyday small business owner. 

How does he do this? He explains,

“8 years in social media and digital marketing means you’re a veteran. It means you understand the constantly developing digital landscape, and that you understand what the internet and its users want in order for attention to be earned. We combined the expertise my partners and I have, with a unstoppable work ethic and commitment to excellence. The culture our organization was founded upon is delivery RESULTS, no excuses. We report on KPI’s weekly and we check it daily, we are constantly vetting the market for the best solutions and we are following up daily with ‘vendors’ and software that make it possible. We create processes and hire staff to create a science to a landscape that is constantly changing, we do this by creating daily feedback loops that optimize the experience for our customers day to day. No day is wasted, there’s no illusion to the results and working with us is very clear cut, we are either going to deliver on the result or we are going to do whatever it takes to make it happen. We are honest with our customers, constantly on standby, and proactively working to make sure their campaigns are successful.” – Michael Valor

This constant attention to detail is no small feat for agencies, and that is why Valor believes that Valor Media will continue to prove as one of the top solutions for online marketing for any small businesses. They work with agencies as a white label fulfillment partner, and they work directly with big names in their respective industries.

You can find out more about Valor Media on their website,

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