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Who We Are

Whether you and your company are looking for big TV Placements (Regional/National), podcast appearances, placements in press articles like Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, etc., or you’re looking for collaboration with celebrities & influencers, we want to be your bridge between the vision you have, and the best results possible. We are Valor Media, and our aim, is to be your long-term Marketing arm that provides you with the latest & greatest products, opportunities, and credibility possible, to bring your product and service to more customers.

With a combined 20+ years in the game, our top priority has become customer service, and more importantly, results. We are your one stop shop for anything digital.

Why It’s Important


“Marketing” today seems to be a mix of hiring someone who claims to know what they’re doing, spending hours “ideating” & making sure things stick to “brand guidelines,” and ultimately, taking months to deliver on results that turn out not being as strong as you’d expect.

We at Valor Media, saw a gap in the market for an agency that can identify a goal, create a proper marketing gameplan, and most importantly, execute on that vision. We decided to flip the crown upside down & provide CLEAR & CONCISE results that you can expect to be delivered.
No more useless retainers. No more “mastermind calls.”  You tell us what you want. We deliver. It’s that simple. Welcome to Valor Media.
No more useless retainers. No more “mastermind calls.”  You tell us what you want. We deliver. It’s that simple. Welcome to Valor Media.

Our Guarantee

Our team has accumulated over 30 years of experience in Impact Marketing. With the best connections in the game, we have access to the best celebrities, influencers, social services, TV placements, & podcast bookings.

No client pays until something is booked & we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Can your other marketing agency say that? Rest assured, you can trust the crown.


Throughout the last 20 years, our team has made a top-tier network with the agents that manage the A-list celebrities. Most importantly, we are PAY FOR PERFORMANCE. There are no retainers with us.

Here’s the process:
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Step 1

Client sends us a list of the celebrities / influencers they want & the scope of work.

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Step 2

We bring back estimated pricing on the job.

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Step 3

Client approves the pricing.

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Step 4

We pitch the celebrity.

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Step 5

Celebrity accepts & books date for collaboration.

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Step 6

Client receives invoice.

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Step 7

Collaboration is coordinated & executed by our professional staff.

What You Get


VM special
Our Most Popular Option!
Combination of Instagram+
& Facebook Package

*All Facebook & Instagram is handled*


Instagram+ Package
  • Put accounts in growth mode growing them local followers (500+ monthly)
  • Trend them on hashtags to increase engagement (more likes, more comments, more messages)
  • 15 conversions from local customers on your deals and offers
  • Posting 6x pictures per week
  • Copywriting for all your posts (captions)
  • All comments answered
  • Auto-Direct Message to all new followers (personal message to all new followers’ inbox)
  • All social metrics increased (impressions, reach, profile visits)
  • Reporting on all analytics sent weekly
  • 24/7 Customer Service


Instagram Package
  • Put accounts in growth mode growing them local followers (300+ monthly)
  • Trend them on hashtags to increase engagement (more likes, more comments, more messages)
  • All comments answered
  • Auto DM sent to all new followers converting them on your deals and offers
  • All social metrics increased (impressions, reach, profile visits)
  • Reporting on all analytics sent weekly
  • Posting 3x pictures per week


LinkedIn Package
  • 2-tier Message sequence created to adhere to whichever call to action you have
  • Targeting of the exact person/role you're looking to talk to (example: CEO, Plant Manager, Marketing Director, etc.)
  • Can target geographically as well
  • 60 Connection Requests and Messages sent per day on your behalf automatically

This product is used for B2B or B2C Businesses that are trying to target and interact with their audience via LinkedIn automatically without spending hours per day doing the messaging themselves.

*     A $2000 one time payment is needed upfront     *


Influencer Stats Boost
  • 10 posts trending a month
  • Country and Large State Targeting or Niche Targeting
  • 20-40k Impressions per post
  • 4-6k Likes per post
  • 50-70k Profile visits per week
  • Views on videos 60-80k


A List Stats Boost
  • 20 posts trending a month
  • Country/State/Niche targeting
  • 50k Impressions
  • 10-15k likes
  • Profile visits 150k+ weekly
  • Videos get 200k+ views
  • 3k+ Follower gain
  • Story views increase
instagram verification
Price on Request / Application
  • Higher account health
  • The most social proof you could get
  • Higher account priority when sending a direct message
  • Comments go higher on posts that you comment on
  • Increased views on posts
  • Increased engagement on posts
  • Increased story views
  • Instagram profile optimization
  • 10-12 articles published
  • All articles Google Indexed in the news section
  • IMDB with profile
  • Google Knowledge Panel creation and linked to social profiles


T3 Article

Verified contributor professionally writing and feature you or your business in any one of these publications:

  • CBS -
  • ABC -
  • NBC -
  • FOX -


T4 Article/Blog post

Industry specific blog written by a professional and published for SEO and verification purposes.


1k International Follower Gain contest


1k US Based Follower Growth


Regional TV



Get you or your company featured in one of the most credible & well-known tier 1 articles! When you get featured in an article like Forbes, you get the ability to use the logo on your website, social media, & marketing collateral! This adds credibility to you and your brand. Get started with us now & get featured in Forbes within the next 8 weeks! Our writers are excited to craft your story!


10k/followers monthly USA Gain



Our newly developed software works with the IG algorithm to scan your account activity allowance and spends those actions in the effort to gain you followers. These are extremely targeted follows at 500/month gain. We can target locations, hashtags or other accounts.


Story viewer

This program spends your story views on your account by the millions to turn into followers and engaged fans of the brand. This tool is incredible for building new relationships and shows engagements in specific communities that you can target. We are seeing 300+ followers gained monthly.


YouTube package TIER 1

(4 videos , $800 per video)

  • 150-250k Views per video
  • 600-800Subscribers per posted video
  • 40-100Comments per video (depending on the content)
  • 500-1500 likes per video


YouTube package TIER 2

(4 videos , $400 per video)

  • 80-100k Views per video
  • 300-400 Subscribers per posted video
  • 25-60 Comments per video (depending on the content)
  • 300-500 likes per video


YouTube package TIER 3

(4 videos , $200 per video)

  • 40-50k Views per video
  • 150-200 Subscribers per posted video
  • 15-30 Comments per video (depending on the content)
  • 150-250 likes per video


YouTube package TIER 4

(4 videos , $100 per video)

  • 15k-25k views per video
  • 100+ subscribers per posted video
  • 5-15 comments per video (depending on content)
  • 50-150 likes per video


YouTube package TIER 5

(4 videos , $50 per video)

  • 5-10k views per video
  • 50+subscribers per posted video
  • 3-10 comments per video (depending on content)
  • 25-100 likes per video
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Get Verified

Instagram badge

Get Verified

on Instagram & Facebook

Do you, your company, or brand want that notorious blue check mark on Instagram or Facebook? The coveted Verification check? We’ve got you covered. With dozens of client’s verifications under our belt, we have the process down to a T. Let us help you get verified.

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TV / Podcast

Fox and Friends show

Having a hard time getting on TV or your preferred podcast? Let us pitch our network connections in order to get you and your brand booked. Our team does about 100+ bookings per WEEK.

Let’s talk about your goals & get you going today.
Fox and Friends show

Get Featured in the Press

With our connections to press, we can get you featured in some of the top articles in the world. Publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Tech Crunch, Wired, TED, etc. What kind of credibility would this tie to your brand/company?

Contact us today & let’s get you featured.
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Press Articles

How Our Clients Have Been Featured in the Press
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Here at Valor Media, we've coined the term "Best Friend Customer Service" where we are the bridge between our clients and all of their goals concerning digital/social/PR. We provide 24-hour customer service & all of our client relations specialists are trusted to ensure that the client is the #1 priority. Don't believe us? Hear it from our clients themselves!

Contact Us

If you have questions about anything you saw today, just give us a call! One of our Success Catalysts will answer the phone, ready to talk to you about your goals & execute on your vision.

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